What We Do

We point people to God as the Creator and Ruler of this world who desires a loving relationship with people. God brought this world into existence and is now ruling over it. He created people in his own image. We are not just the product of evolution. We are a unique creation, made in the image of God. But every single person has a problem that has separated them from God. That problem is sin and Romans 3:23 tells us that every single person is affected by it. The bad news is that the penalty for sin is death and separation from God for all eternity in Hell. The good news is that God sent his son Jesus Christ into the world to die on the cross, but not for his own sins-he didn’t have any. He came to die for our sins. And the most important decision that you will ever be faced with is the decision to commit your life to Jesus Christ for salvation. He came to give you life. At Grace, we believe we ought to point every person to Jesus Christ as their only hope for salvation and eternity in heaven.

We worship God with heartfelt adoration and praise for who he is and for what he is doing. At Grace, we take seriously the command that God desires people to worship him in spirit and in truth, as he says in John 4:24. While we believe that true worship is a way of life, we gather together at 11 am each Sunday morning for the express purpose of corporate worship. This time is devoted to two major things. First, we join together in singing praises to God. We use both hymns and choruses that focus our attention on God and his work in our life. Second, we devote our attention to the word of God. We open the word of God to see how his truth applies to our lives. Our goal is to treasure highly the Lord Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We try to build meaningful relationships that help each other to have a passion for God in all things. At Grace, we realize that vital relationships are an important part of learning about God and finding the encouragement to live for him. Having brothers and sisters that share your view of life and your passion for Christ is a vital part of that.

We teach the truth about God and what he desires. At Grace, we devote our regular meetings to the study of God’s word. We believe that God, in his word, has given us all the information we need to live a righteously before him. 

We help people find ways to serve God by serving others. At Grace, we believe that every single person has a role to fill in the work of the local church which is the body of Christ. The Holy Spirit has equipped every single believer with a spiritual gift and that gift is to be used to help other believers in the church. We try to help find their spiritual gift and put it to work in helping others.