Getting connected means first getting connected to Christ. Finding life and forgiveness in Christ is where life truly begins. Getting connected with Christ means growing spiritually through learning about Christ and then doing what we have learned. Growing in Christ at Grace takes place both through public teaching and personal relationships.

Each meeting time is designed to help us grow in Christ so that we can become more like him, and understand his purpose for our lives. Each of our services has teaching or preaching designed to communicate the truth of God in a relevant way so that we can know what God expects of us. Sunday morning worship services</a> (Sunday, 9:30 a.m.) are typically series of messages straight through one of the books of the Bible. Discovering God (Sunday, 11:00 a.m.) is usually a topical series geared towards a specific interest such as world religions, parenting, marriage, money, or other topics of interest that God addresses. Grace Institute (Wednesday, 7:00 p.m.) is a variety of topics, including the Discovery Series, a four semester series of foundational principles to begin, develop, and deepen your relationship with Christ. Studies about specific biblical doctrines or topics are also included in the Institute.

Getting connected does not mean just getting connected with Christ. The Bible teaches that every follower of Christ is to be connected with a local church where they can learn, grow, worship, and serve together with other believers.

Membership 101 is a series of classes where we teach what it means to be a member of Grace Baptist Church. In this series of classes, we explain what Grace is all about, what we believe, we what do, and what we expect from our members.

If you are interested in church membership, talk to Pastor Larry or email him to find out when the next class will be

Getting connected at Grace as a member at Grace means finding a place to serve God by serving others. We believe that God has given at least on spiritual gift to every believer and that you should be using your gift to serve the body of Christ.

There are wide varieties of ministries where you can get involved. Whether it is a public leadership or behind-the-scenes work, there is plenty for all to do. You can be involved in one of the many ministries that take place at Grace weekly.